Alpha Omega Epsilon's Official Diversity and Inclusion Statement: 

While Alpha Omega Epsilon remains focused on our core mission and vision as a STEM organization, it absolutely includes a commitment to a safe and non-discriminating environment. As part of our call to fight systemic racism, we are committed to make change happen from within our sisterhood. To that end, we have committed to the following:

  • To be allies to the Black community and provide resources to our sisters on how to help support the Black Lives Matter movement with the aim of stopping systemic racism, prejudice, and inequality

  • To listen to our members’ ideas of how to improve our sisterhood and to enact programs which will help our Sorority be more supportive to our BIPOC sisters

  • To organize and deliver diversity and inclusion training to our sisterhood, starting with the Board of Directors, with the aim of not only educating our members, but also increasing the diversity within our members and empowering those members to take more leadership roles within our organization

  • To actively recruit and onboard persons of color as international volunteers

  • To facilitate open, honest, and supportive conversations between our sisters around the topics of cultural awareness, bias, and privilege

  • To work together to uplift those underrepresented in STEM fields by sponsoring scholarships, actively leading STEM programs at underfunded K-12 schools, and applying for grants to bring STEM programming to underserved communities


Our work has just begun and we cannot implement all of our goals overnight, but we know with the love and support of our sisters we are capable of anything.

Note: Alpha Omega Epsilon defines “female” as any individual who self-identifies as female, regardless of her assigned sex at birth or her expression or the perceived expression of her gender. Members will remain members, even if they decide to transition after initiation and/or graduation.

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