Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social Sorority founded in 1983 that promotes friendship, leadership, and professionalism to all members of the Organization, the community, and our professions.

Pictured: The original founders at Marquette University

The Sorority

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority composed of females who have majored in engineering or technical sciences. The Sorority was founded on November 13, 1983, making Alpha Omega Epsilon the oldest engineering sorority.  Four months later, on March 22, 1984, Alpha Omega Epsilon became a recognized organization on the Marquette University Campus. Initially founded to unite female engineers of all curricula, the Organization's mission has since expanded to include females in both engineering and technical sciences.  The Sorority's mission, ideals, and objectives have spread to other campuses, and as a result, we now have twenty-one active chapters.

The Sisters of Alpha Omega Epsilon promote ideals and objectives that hope to further the advancement of female engineers and technical scientists, while at the same time developing bonds of lifelong friendships. Alpha Omega Epsilon strives for scholarship and academic achievement. The sisters create a friendly, warm atmosphere where integrity, character, and self-confidence can flourish. The Sorority hopes to enlighten female engineers and technical scientists to the career opportunities available to them. Alpha Omega Epsilon encourages ties with other Greek and Engineering Organizations, fosters leadership at the Chapter and International level, and provides networking opportunities for its members.  As a young Organization, Alpha Omega Epsilon allows each member to play a significant part in realizing the Sorority's future goals.

To find out more about our organization go to: www.alphaomegaepsilon.org

  The Chapter

During the fall semester 2001 Melissa Wiese was approached by a high school friend from the North Carolina State University chapter about bringing a chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon to the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Melissa began recruiting others, and by the end of the semester, three other girls were interested.

During Spring 2002, these four girls worked with Sharon Homolka from the international Alpha Omega Epsilon office to begin the application process. The university recognized them as a student organization, Omega Xi, that semester. The girls were unsuccessful in recruiting any more members by the end of that semester.

Despite efforts, continuing to search for new members proved difficult during the 2002-2003 school year, and the process was halted for that year.

During Fall Semester 2003, Sharon contacted both Melissa and Becca, two of the original members, to inquire if they were still interested in bringing a chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon to UW-Madison. They were, and they met with Sharon and Sarah from the national AΩE office. First, they had to apply for colony status by the end of the Fall 2003 semester. This meant that they would be on the way to chapter status by Spring 2004, as Becca graduated that year. Having to start anew, they were left with the task of finding new girls interested in an engineering sorority.

Throughout Fall Semester 2003, Melissa and Becca advertised their intent to bring an Engineering Sorority to the campus. They generated interest from multiple girls, but attendance at events was sparse. Eventually, an informational meeting was held with Sarah from nationals present to answer general questions. Eight girls were in attendance at that meeting, and at this point it was collectively decided that the application was to be started, and thus the sorority was born.



Our Official Founding Members: Kristen Blom, Annie Lewandoski, Kelly Giese, Anita Gilgenbach, Nicole Hilgendorf, Kari Jordan, Rebecca Vanderpool, Melissa Wiese, Nicole Zabel.