The Professional Pillar is an integral part of AΩE.  This Pillar provides connections to and events about the professional world.  Sisters will often participate in events including, but not limited to, guest speakers, dinners, company tours, among others. Companies often contact AΩE when they have a position that needs to be filled, and thus sisters can apply at their own discretion. This Pillar offers many benefits and opportunities for both personal and professional growth and sets this sorority apart from others.


There's always fun to be had when a group of AΩE sisters gets together! Sisters often accompany each other to Badger games, spontaneous lunches, or just fun get-togethers! Planned events that run through the course of the semester are always a blast, whether they're in-person or remote (looking at you, 2020-2021 school year). As active members of the Greek system, College of Engineering student council, and College of Agriculture and Life Science student council, we collaborate with other greeks and organizations throughout the year on events that are always a fun time. You're always in for a treat when you're hanging out with our sisters!


Philanthropy is an important part of Alpha Omega Epsilon. Our sorority's national philanthropy is Dress for Success, a not-for-profit organization that offers professional wear for disadvantaged women. Our local chapter's philanthropy is Share the Health, a not-for-profit women's health clinic that provides essential medical care and cancer screenings to women. Some recent philanthropic events that A.O.E. has hosted include hosting Breakfast in Blue, running to raise money for the Clean Lakes Alliance (pictured to the right), and volunteering at local food banks! We love giving back to our community and helping those in need.